Discover Your Starseed Lineage Masterclass

September 8-11, 2020 🌟 12 p.m. PST

This is a four-day Masterclass that will help you tap into your Starseed lineage. Each interactive class will be about one hour long.

Day One: Signs You are Starseed I will be going over where the term “Starseed” originated and the main signs of being a Starseed. Plus, I will be giving out a questionnaire that will help you in the process of discovering your lineage.

Day 2: Identify Your Starseed Tribe

I will be going over the main Starseed lineages, where they reside in the solar system, and why they are working with the human race. This will give some insight into what Starseed lineages you resonate with and how you can leverage it in your life.

Day 3: Starseeds Past Lives + the Twin Flame Journey

Most Starseeds have past lives in on or all of the “lost lands” of Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon. I will be going over each location and giving you some tips on how you can tap into these past lives to activate hidden abilities and remember lost information that will help you with your life purpose. Plus, we will be going over why most Starseeds are pushed into a twin flame journey to break and release old karma.

Day 4: Meet your Starseed Guides Activation + Q&A

The last day I will be taking you through a guided meditation to meet your principle Starseed guide which has been with you since birth. This will give you an open channel to speak to this guide whenever you want. Plus, you will be able to answer any questions that have come up during this Masterclass.